4th vitrine - Euromix and USA brands
     2nd shelf - Spain
     Colorful shelf plenty of strange toys . Spain has a big and important toy business . Guisval , Guiloy , Mira , etc , were the main brands working on 1/60 scale . The 80's was the real start for Opel in Spain and the Opel Corsa and Kadett E were made by spanish makers .

     Starting from the right , the first five cars in the front row are "
Mira " . From 1982 until 2000 , when it was bought by Solido the Mira Jugetes was an important spanish brand . The 1/18 and 1/24 scale models were excellent collectors items , we may remember theyr 1/18 american models . While in big scales they made good models , in 1/60 only cheap toys were made and the Corsa A was one of the ugliest of all . You can see 3 Corsa A , blue , orange and brown " competition cars " all with the same decals . Simple metal body , no opening parts , clear glazing , no interior and a black plastic base with tow hook and ugly fast wheels . The second Mira model was the same Corsa but as a Targa model . Same body without the roof but with the " b " pilar like the Kadett E cabrio . Plastic interior , with or without a big driver , same base and wheels .
     The second brand in this shelf is the well known "
Pilen " . The only model I have from this maker is an Opel Kadett E that seems a copy of the Matchbox Kadett , with Police type casting . Silver metal body , no opening parts , blue glazing and emergency lights , no interior and fast wheels . On the hood and doors decals of the " Regreso al Futuro " film .
     On the left , an unknown maker 1953 Olympia Rekord saloon . Simple model , plastic body , base and wheels . When I look at them , the  ressemblance with the Siku Olympia is obvious , even if these models are smaller . Four different colors , orange , green , yellow and red , plain black base or silver painted grille and bumpers .
     In the second row a "
Guisval "  Mini Box series 5 doors Opel Kadett E . When we talk about spanish 1/60 scale models , then we talk about Guisval . Tons of small toys in the spanish and portuguese toy stores and even supermarkets . Still in business and still making toys in Spain wich is rare in our days , specialy for this kind of toys . Excellent model and the last Guisval Opel model until now , the Mini Box series 5 doors Opel Kadett E has metal body , opening front doors , clear glazing and red plastic detailed interior . Plastic base and fast wheels . On the left also a red Corsa A , but we talk about it later .

pic 1
     Side view of the ugly Mira Corsa A . This one without side decals , I bought it like that .
     The Corsa A and Kadett E were the 1/60 models made by Guisval . The Corsa A was excellent . Even with front opening doors the car has excellent body lines . Metal body , clear glazing , p
lastic detailed interior and black plastic base including bumpers and grille . Fast wheels with different chromed patterns . Sold in blister , plastic box , cardboard box and even big polystyrene dealer packs . The two yellow Corsa A , both blister packed , have small decoration and blister differences and were bought in 2001 and 2007 respectively . The green # 2 , same car but plastic box and different pattern for the wheels .

pic 2
     Pic 3 , on the left a better view of the green Corsa .
     The following models are five different Kadett E 5 doors , also from Guisval . Excellent body lines even with front opening doors , different decorations and blisters and two kinds of wheels but no changes on the model . Metal body , clear glazing and red plastic detailed interior . The silver model was taken from a store display , sold loose no packaging
, it hasn't decoration and the wheel pattern is different .
     On the right two more makers , Guiloy and Gisima .
     Guiloy i
s another big spanish toy maker . Specialised in big scales , cars and bikes the  small scales are almost a side product . In my collection a white Corsa and a yellow Kadett E GSI . Very simple toys , metal body , no opening parts , blue glazing , black plastic base including interior , grille ( only the Corsa ) and bumpers . Both have very simple and poorly done body and finish with a " competition " decoration .
     I don't know nothing about Gisima excepting that it is spanish . I only know one Opel model , the Kadett E GSI . Near 1/ 70 scale , these are small models , less than 6 cm . Cheap toy , it has a poorly made metal body , clear glazing but no interior . Black plastic base , including  bumpers and wheel axles . Opel badge on the motor hood and both sides or only on the motor hood . 

pic 3

pic 3a
     Pic 4 , side view of the Gisima , Guiloy and Guisval models on the left . On the right front view of those Siku copies , at least I think so .
     The new model is the grey Kapitan A . Ese detergent prize in the 70's , these simple models are now very rare . I've only saw an handful selling and they weren't cheap . Simple plastic toy , no glazing , interior or even base . Engraved plastic " shell " with one plastic piece wheels and axle set . You may already noticed the ressemblance with the Matchbox Diplomat .
pic 4